In celebration of our 50th Anniversary in 2020, the Friends envisioned three transformative projects, one for each park, each designed to welcome visitors to enjoy the space in a new way.

On Boston Common, a temporary art installation entitled “What Do We Have in Common?”  brought new energy to our nation’s first public park in the fall of 2021.



The Arlington Street Entrance to the Public Garden is the City’s iconic entrance to our nation’s first public botanical garden. The Child Fountain Restoration Project, begun in 2023, focuses on bringing two historic child fountains back to life and enhancing the surrounding landscape.



Along the Commonwealth Avenue Mall, permanent lighting for the statues marking each block, as well as restored walkways, landscaping, and stonework around the sculptures dramatically enhances these works of art and provides for an enjoyable and safe park experience after dark. The Mall Lighting Project is expected to be complete in 2023 when the Hamilton and Glover statues are lit.