Our downtown parks have never been more important as healing places for rest and rejuvenation and as space for gathering to make our voices heard. As one of the first parks advocacy organizations in the nation, the Friends has a vision to begin its second half-century of stewardship by undertaking transformative projects in each of our three beloved parks. We invite you to learn more!


The Arlington Street Entrance of the Public Garden is the City’s iconic gateway to our nation’s first public botanical garden. Planned enhancements, including the restoration of two fountains and redesigned landscaping, will have a lasting impact on the park and the visitor experience.



Created in 1865, the Commonwealth Avenue Mall is an allée of more than 650 trees located in the heart of the City. Permanent lighting, as well as restored walkways, landscaping, and stonework around the statues, will dramatically enhance these sculptures and create a more inviting and safe park after dark.



Public art has the capacity to spark curiosity and surprise. Ideally, it causes us to think in new ways and see familiar spaces in new light. “What Do We Have in Common” is a temporary, site-specific work commissioned to instill the message that the Common is a place for all and that everyone has a role in its care.