Commonwealth Avenue Mall Statue Lighting and Landscape Enhancement Project


Fondly referred to as the central boulevard of the Back Bay, the Mall connects the Public Garden to the Back Bay Fens. Inspired by Parisian Boulevards, the mall is a vital resource of beautiful large-scale shade trees, benches, walkways and sculptures that are enjoyed by millions of visitors every year.

Key Objectives:

• Design and install lighting for the statues along the mall
• Enhance the beauty of each statue by improving the surrounding stonework, landscaping, and walkways
• Utilize the latest, most energy efficient lighting technology
• Increase nighttime safety with added lighting

The Friends has worked with the City Parks Department and the Landmarks Commission for more than 30 years to obtain the necessary approvals to make this project possible. Thanks to generous neighbors and other supporters, the Friends have already celebrated the lighting of the Morison and Collins statues. Design and construction planning continue for the remaining statues.

Your donation today supports the thoughtful lighting and landscaping of the statues on the Commonwealth Avenue Mall.

To date, two statues have been lit on the Mall through this effort: Morison and Collins.