The Council of the Friends of the Public Garden supports the work of the Friends to protect and enhance the Boston Common, Public Garden, and Commonwealth Avenue Mall and helps increase the public’s awareness and appreciation of our work. The Council comprises members of the Friends, retiring Directors, committee members, community, professional, corporate, foundation leaders, and individuals interested in advancing the mission of the Friends.

Members of the Council are a source of vitality and creative thinking, informed by experience and community contacts.

Pamela Beale
Gene Bolinger
Gloria Coleman
Kenda Coleman
Ron Druker
Beth Eisenstein
Tracy Flannery
David Friedman
Debby Hale
Christine Hayward
Jim Hood, co-chair
Rich Hornblower
Barbara Hostetter
Beth Johnson
Tom Kershaw

Namrita Kapur
Cynthia Loesch-Johnson
Meg McClafferty
Karl McLaurin
Frank Mead
Meg Morton
Lyn Paget
Sherley Smith
Kim Stockwell
Victoria Sullivan
Elizabeth Tiblanc
Marty Walz, co-chair