You can now be a Monthly Sustaining Member of the Friends and support the parks all year round with our easy and convenient monthly giving option. Select your monthly donation amount below.

Membership gifts to Friends of the Public Garden are fully tax-deductible.

Meet Monthly Sustaining Members John Iappini and Carole Mathieson.

“Since we’ve moved to Downtown from Jamaica Plain, the Common, Garden and Mall have become our new parks. They are amazing places, especially when walking through the Garden and Mall just as the sun sets. Boston is truly fortunate to have such treasures.”

“The Friends monthly contribution program makes it easy to support our parks. It also gives us a sense of ownership and pride. We hope many join us as Monthly Sustaining Members to help the Friends sustain these valuable public resources.”

Meet Young Friend and Monthly Sustaining Member, Meg McClafferty.

“Some of my best childhood memories are in The Common and Public Garden. The Brewer Fountain is where I pretended to be Nancy Kerrigan, and the Ducklings are where annual photos show my and my sister’s growth.”

“A large gift amount can be daunting, and it’s not always feasible as a Young Friend. But for the price of one breakfast sandwich a month, I know I’m helping the Friends preserve and protect the parks, so that I can pass those traditions on to my future kids and grandkids.”