The Friends has a 47-year history of preserving, protecting, and enhancing Boston’s three historic parks in the heart of the city. In order to ensure the organization’s long-term financial strength, the Friends encourages supporters to consider a charitable bequest as part of your estate planning. Your gift will ensure that the parks are preserved and protected for generations to come. We thank you for your support. The Friends of the Public Garden is a 501(c)3 organization.


When preparing a bequest provision for the Friends, your attorney will need to know the legal name of the organization: “Friends of the Public Garden, Inc.” and the tax identification number: 23-7451432. Below is a sample of language that can be used in preparing a bequest designation:

I give to the Friends of the Public Garden, Inc., a nonprofit corporation duly existing under the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and located in Boston, in said Commonwealth, _______dollars ($________), or _________ percent (_____%) of my residuary estate, to be used for the benefit of the Friends of the Public Garden as the Directors thereof may direct.

Our staff would be pleased to assist you or your attorney/estate planner in any way to ensure that the correct legal language is used and that one’s desires are accurately communicated.

For more information or assistance, please contact Mary Halpin, Director of Development, at 617-723-8144 or