The Friends of the Public Garden has worked in partnership with the City of Boston for 47 years to restore, maintain, and advocate for the Boston Common, Public Garden, and Commonwealth Avenue Mall. When the organization began in 1970, the parks were in total disrepair. Today they are national treasures in the heart of the city. The Friends annually raises and invests over $1 million to bridge the gap between what the City can do and what the parks need.

The Friends cares for 1700 trees, 42 pieces of public art, and 53 acres of lawn in the three parks. In recent years, the organization has completed a number of capital projects, including renovation and activation of Brewer Fountain Plaza by Park Street station on the Common and restoration of the George Robert White Memorial fountain in the Garden. With over 3,000 Members representing 133 communities in the Commonwealth and 31 states, all of the funding for work in the parks comes from private donations.

Please contact Susan Abell, Director of Communications and Outreach for additional information, at or 617-723-8144


Our name is Friends of the Public Garden.  We can be referred to as the Friends, and the possessive form is the Friends’. 


All promotional materials using FOPG logo (including announcements, signage, invitations, emails, websites, advertisements, posters, flyers and on social media) must be approved by the Friends of the Public Garden prior to printing or use. Final versions of materials should be submitted for approval. Submissions should be sent via email to Please allow a minimum of five business days for approval.


We will be glad to supply photos from our photo library upon request.

Please submit information about proposed usage, and we will supply photos and photo credit information. Any person not affiliated with Friends of the Public Garden may not use, copy, alter or modify FOPG photographs, graphics, videography or other, similar reproductions or recordings without the advance written permission of an authorized designee from FOPG.