Friends Restroom Manager and Boston Common Frog Pond employee Jean Farias has enjoyed all the Common has to offer since childhood. This month, we spotlight the Friend behind so much of the day to day magic on the Common – read our interview below. 

How did you get involved with the Friends?

I first got involved with the Friends when the Brewer Fountain Plaza was activated following the major restoration project, completed in 2012. I worked closely with Brewer Plaza Liaison Steve TenBarge, and he noted my good work to Bob Mulcahy, former Director of Parks Care & Capital Projects. Bob approached me to manage the Restroom Trailer when it was first installed in 2018, and I’ve been managing operations ever since.

What is the most fulfilling part about working on the Common each day?

The most fulfilling thing is seeing all of the faces, the people. There are many new faces around, especially after the past few years. What’s even better is that there are so many happy kids using the park. These days, so many kids would rather be on a computer or tablet, or in front of a screen, so seeing how many kids are using the park is great; that they choose to be here and be active in this greenspace.

What is your favorite park memory? What is your favorite park and why?

That is a good question… My favorite park is obviously the Boston Common. I’ve been coming here for 22 years! My favorite memory was when Marines Week happened, 6 or 7 years ago. They celebrated their 100 Year Anniversary, and the helicopters landed on the Common and stuck around for about a week. It was really cool to see and it activated the space in a really fun way.