Board Member Brent Shay has lived on Beacon Hill for over 25 years. When he heard from friends and neighbors that a local non-profit cared for his cherished neighborhood parks, the rest was history. We sat down to talk all things #threeparks with Brent — read our interview here. 

How did you get involved with the Friends?

 My involvement with the Friends came about through an invitation to the Green & White many years ago. I had been a resident of Beacon Hill for over 25 years and was impressed by the sustained involvement of so many friends and neighbors to this organization.

Why is Membership to the Friends important to you?

Conservancy. The Friends is focused on a mission to see that these three parks thrive and, as historic greenspace, remain available to everyone. In fact, we fully embrace that openness and endeavor to be welcoming on a regular basis.

What is your favorite park memory? What is your favorite park and why?

I cherish the personal moments where it seems I have this greenspace in the heart of the city all to myself. Nonetheless, my favorite park of the three is the oldest one, the Boston Common. The Common has so much to offer from the activities in the Frog Pond to the tranquility of the historic graveyard. Not to mention the diversity represented by the Shaw 54th Regiment Memorial and The Embrace. My favorite park memory is an annual event and it just occurred. As an American, I am proudly moved by the flag display which is installed in the Common for each Memorial Day weekend. It is both heart-warming and heart-breaking.