As the new Administrator of the Boston Housing Authority, you will bring your formidable talents to help create a Boston that is affordable for residents, and will affirmatively welcome people to a city where everyone can thrive. We know you will continue to work to connect the District 8 beads on a string you wrote so movingly about in your April 5 announcement to the beads on the string of the city’s public housing neighborhoods.

We will always miss you as our District 8 City Councilor. You have tirelessly supported parks throughout the city and importantly for us, the Common, Garden, and Mall. You have ensured that our voices, and the important work we do in our vital green spaces, in partnership with the Parks Department were heard by the City Council when it mattered most. You have been a determined advocate for increased funding for the Parks budget, and most recently planned for a renewed Public Garden Tool House and Kenmore block of the Commonwealth Avenue Mall.

We thank you, we’ll miss you and we wish all the best in your new role.