Ten new trees grace our parks this spring.

Ten new trees grace our parks this spring. On April 29, members of the Massachusetts Arborist Association came together on the Common to mark Arbor Day and to pay tribute to the late arborist Henry Davis who gave a lifetime of tree preservation work to the Friends and the City of Boston. The group planted 6 trees along Beacon Street Mall, five Oaks (Quercus) including a Scarlet, Swamp White, Red and White and one Gingko Biloba.

The Friends also planted four trees in the Public Garden. The new trees included an ‘Okame’ Cherry near the Ether Fountain, a Green Hawthorne ‘Winter King’ close to the Charles/Beacon Gate, a Franklinia tree situated near the 9-11 Memorial, and Persian Ironwood between the Goody Flagpole and the Swan Boat landing. These trees were chosen for their botanical interest and ability to thrive in their chosen sites.

You can learn more about the Friends’ tree care work here.