From engagements to proposals, from Swan Boat rides to family outings and once in a lifetime events, the #threeparks have served as the backdrop for so many consequential events. Enjoy some of these events contributed by our community below:

Letter from R. Moore to his wife, B. Moore, June 23, 1958

The weather here has been mostly chilly, but yesterday was gorgeous… at 8:00 I went to the Arts Festival. They put the Boston Symphony Orchestra on a swan boat and they played Handel’s Water Music while they were being paddled around for about an hour. It was about the most impressive thing I have ever seen. There were over 25,000 people there the paper said this morning. The boat was all covered with flowers and lighted with candles. The whole thing was televised and Moulton (a friend) says it was the best T.V. show he has ever seen.

A. Lennon

This is a photo of my mother, Jeanne McCarthy Bryant, on a Swan Boat in 1930. She was three years old. The Pagets who owned the Swan Boats were neighbors of her Uncle and Aunt, John and Nellie Van Etten. They lived on Mapleton Street in Brighton. The Pagets used to store the Swan Boats in John and Nellie’s garage for the winter. The Swan Boats have always been remained very special to our family.

A. Blenkinsop

Travis proposed to me on a very quiet Memorial Day (due to the weather) in 2021. We have since moved back home to Australia, but the Public Garden will always hold a special place in our heart.

L. Adam

I pulled this old photo from the Common with my original Frenchie pair, Moomin and Sam, right before I lost Sam. We went to the park because it was always our favourite place.

M. Muise

The public garden is one of my favorite places, and was the backdrop for my now husband and my’s engagement in the summer of 2020!

B. Nessen

One of the highlights of my wedding day was when my wedding party and my new husband and I enjoyed a Swan Boat ride in the Public Garden. Every year, my husband and I make sure we celebrate our anniversary with a swan boat ride.