Boston Common

Thank you for joining the Boston Common Master Planning team for Open House #3.

We’ve collected your feedback on proposed improvements to Boston Common in four open-discussion forums: Visitor Activities and Play, Park-wide Strategies for Improvements, Performances and Active Recreation, and Gateways and Edges. You can view presentation materials and recordings here. 


  • Develop informational handout with park map and enhance interpretation at the Visitor and Information Center
  • Provide visual orientation using signs and design elements to help visitors find special features/destinations

Tree Planting

  • Manage maintenance and care 
  • Increase shade while maintaining sightlines and a healthy lawn

Events and Park Amenities 

  • Improve tree cover and seating options at Parkman Bandstand 
  • Provide events programming and integrated support infrastructure
  • Balance permitting of events in high-use areas with greenspace care 


  • Coordinate style and locations throughout the park 
  • Add more benches looking inward to the Parade Ground 

Dog Park 

  • Offer a size compatible with all types of dogs 
  • Ensure resilient surface material 


  • Provide an accessible route to the Shaw 54th Memorial (Accessibility study previously completed will be incorporated into the Master Plan) 
  • Increase access to the Central Burying Ground 
  • Organize and announce arrival at Park Street Plaza/MBTA station

Whats Next? 

  • Develop a plan for improvements to Boylston Street Station and Deer Park Maintenance Yard 
  • Coordinate operational and maintenance access with pedestrian safety
  • Outline park maintenance and management guidelines 
  • Spring 2021: Master Plan launch & public comment period.