couple on a lagoon n the public garden

(August 18, 2020) Boston Parks and Recreation Department began draining the Public Garden Lagoon on Tuesday, because the water has become unsafe for wildlife, and particularly toxic for the ducks. It will take 2-3 days for the lagoon to fully drain.

The unusually hot, dry summer has encouraged bacteria and algae growth. What’s more, the Swan Boats are on hold this year. Their paddle wheels introduce oxygen into the lagoon and create turbulence that discourages unwanted growth.

The Parks Department engaged a lake and pond management company to treat the lagoon throughout the month of July. When they saw little improvement after weeks of testing and treatment, they made the decision to fully drain the lagoon, remove sediment at the bottom, and refill it. The condition of the lagoon poses no threat to humans.

We would like to thank the community for bringing this to the city’s attention, and a big thank you to the Parks Department and the City for the work they are doing to resolve the issue.