Over the past week the steel support structure, or “shark cage,” was inserted around the Memorial along with wood framing, high-density foam, and airbags, to limit the movement of the bronze during hoisting and transportation to the conservator’s studio in Woburn, MA. The hoisting of the bronze bas-relief dramatically took place on Monday, August 17.

The structural engineers and bronze conservators, after close inspection, gave their final approval for the protection measures, and the bronze was lifted off its base and brought safely down to rest on Beacon Street Mall before being placed on a flatbed truck for the successful transport to Woburn early Tuesday, August 18. The bronze was thought to be 20,000 pounds, but it was found to actually weigh 10,700 lbs. After over two months of preparation and disassembly of the marble units surrounding the bas-relief, the big day finally arrived! Learn more about the project and the Memorial.