On Independence Day, the Friends lost longtime friend and educator, Lieutenant Benny White, Sr. Benny, one of the leaders of the Massachusetts 54th Infantry Company A Reenactors, was present at hundreds of events over the years, wearing his Civil War blue uniform and cap, representing the legacy of the 54th Regiment.

Benny worked tirelessly to ensure the important legacy of the 54th was remembered and celebrated throughout the city of Boston and beyond. Besides visiting schools throughout the city, he was featured in preview ads for the movie Glory, and one of his most lasting memories was marching in President Barack Obama’s inaugural parade.

Recently, as a member of the Committee to Renew the Shaw 54th Regiment Memorial, Benny marched with the Massachusetts 54thInfantry Company A at several recent events, from the Community Conversation last January, and the event at the Shaw MA/54th Regiment Memorial in October.

By allowing attendees to hear the drums as they marched, and feel the pride of the reenactors illustrating the valor of the regiment, Benny’s presence, along with the other members of Company A, has created a tangible way for people now to connect with the stories of the 54th.

As one of the founders of Massachusetts 54th Infantry Company A, Benny White helped to build a lasting connection with the original heroes of the Massachusetts 54th Regiment venerated in the Shaw 54th Regiment Memorial.