Good Will Hunting (1997)

Our parks, especially the Common and the Public Garden, have set the scene for many films, television programs, and books.

Inspiring to set designers, film directors, cinematographers, writers, and more, these historic spaces can be found in a wide array of media. Whether they’re the backdrop of a heartfelt scene or the subject of a story, the Common and the Garden come alive on the screen and in writing.

We’ve come up with a list of some of our favorites below, but we’d like to ask you, our community – what is your favorite movie, television show, or book featuring our downtown Boston parks? (Bonus points if it’s not on this list!)

· Little Women
· Good Will Hunting
· Charly (1968)
· The Boondock Saints (Common)
· Mrs. Winterbourne (1995)
· Run
· The Last Detail (1973)
· 21
· A Civil Action

· Cheers
· Wheel of Fortune
· The Phone – Episode 3
· Common Ground
· The Makeover (TV Movie)
· City on a Hill
· Spenser for Hire
· Sabrina the Teenage Witch (1996)

· Stephen King’s ‘Cell’ 
· Sleds on Boston Common: A Story from the American Revolution
· Make Way for Ducklings
· Johnny Tremain (1943)
· As I Was Crossing Boston Common

Video Games
· Assassins Creed 3
· Fallout 4