Boston Common in the Aftermath of the Boston Freedom Rally

This past weekend saw three days of the Boston Freedom Rally on the Common. The event seems to have grown considerably from past years in the amount of area it covered, making it all but impossible for others to enjoy the park. The amount of trash that was generated was beyond anything we have seen in years past. Cars were parked all over the lawns, and participants pitched tents to sleep overnight – which is not permitted in the park.

The Friends strives to keep the Boston Common in great condition for all to enjoy, so we are disappointed and frustrated that the event organizers left this park in disarray, triggering hours of overtime for the Parks Department. Moving forward, it is critical that a solid action plan be put into place to avoid the use and management issues we witnessed this weekend. We will be debriefing with our Parks Department partners and reaching out to our City Councilors to talk about next steps.

Needles, refuse, and baggie of unidentified pills left on Common walkway

Vans, cars, and tents on the Common, camped overnight

Cooking oil and refuse left over on the Common. Courtesy of Jim Canales (Twitter)