The Friends of the Public Garden’s 48th Annual Meeting on April 11 welcomed a record number of members to hear Board Chair Leslie Adam welcome everyone to the new location at the Omni Parker House Hotel.

Executive Director Liz Vizza gave an enthusiastic summary of the year past highlighting the many successful projects including the completion of fountain restoration and landscape renovations at the George Robert White Fountain, the conservation of the Channing Memorial, and taking on management of irrigation in the three parks. Moving on from the Winthrop Square battle, the City has committed to a comprehensive planning study for Downtown and the Friends will be an active partner with the Parks Department in the master planning process which will guide the spending priorities for the $28 million slated to come to the Common.

Stewardship and Vision: Taking Action for Future Generations

Speaker Michelle Wu gave an inspiring talk starting with the example of the importance of the parks to her growing up in this city as an immigrant. Now in her role as a City Councilor, she spoke about the responsibility of the City as a whole and the leadership of the Friends in caring for our irreplaceable historic parks.  She ended on a cautionary note, that as Bostonians we must strengthen our stewardship of these parks, and not take them for granted. It is our responsibility to ensure their existence for future generations.

Light hors d’oeuvres and conversation were enjoyed by the attendees after the meeting.

Photo Credit: Michael Dwyer