Unfortunately, it is time to say goodbye to one of our resident “senior citizens” in the Public Garden.  

Our Parks Care team, in collaboration with our consulting arborist, identified structural and internal problems with a 110-year-old willow, tree 3-D-09, at the southern end of the lagoon. Significant internal rot has spread from two large cavities in the trunk, creating extensive decay that poses a public safety risk.  

Working with the City of Boston Tree Warden, our team came to the difficult decision to have this willow removed. The tree lived far past its prime for the species (more than double the lifespan of the typical willow) and we are pleased to have provided a thriving environment and maintenance plan to keep the tree nurtured during its many years spent gracing the edge of the lagoon. 

Our Parks Care team has begun work on a willow master plan for the parks, which will outline maintenance needs for each tree, identify risks, and catalogue important information.  Our team will also be creating a replacement plan to ensure that these iconic trees continue to beautify the lagoon landscape.