We are so excited to announce 31 new residents in the three parks! These new trees are almost all replacements of trees that have had to be removed due to decline and disease no longer showcased the parks the way they deserve. They have been carefully selected by the Horticulture Committee to add to the landscape of the Common, the Garden and the Mall with their many different sizes, textures and colors. The selection process considers the species, habit, and form of the tree to complement the visual character and design of each park.

The Public Garden is getting a grand total of 17 new trees.
In the Beacon/Arlington quadrant there are:

  • 3 kousa dogwoods
  • 2 flowering dogwoods
  • 1 crabapple
  • 3 kwanzan cherries

In the Boylston/Charles quadrant, there are:

  • 2 shadblow serviceberries
  • 1 river birch
  • 1 pin oak
  • 1 sourwood
  • 1 sassafrass
  • 1 kwanzan cherry

And in the Boylston/Arlington quadrant there is one London plane tree.

On Commonwealth Avenue Mall there are 11 new trees. Three different varieties of oak have been planted including chestnut, chinkapin, and burr oaks. One American elm had been added to the allee of trees along the Mall.

And last but not least, Boston Common has three new trees:

  • 1 hickory
  • 1 northern pin oak
  • 1 linden

Please welcome these new additions to the parks and watch them grow over the summer! If you are interested in participating in our tree sponsorship program, see our website for more information.