Tree and Bench Sponsorship Program

woman reading willow tree, Public Garden, Boston, MAIn the Boston Common, Public Garden and Commonwealth Avenue Mall

This special program offers the public the opportunity to take part in the stewardship of the parks by sponsoring a tree or bench. In recognition of your tax-deductible contribution to the Friends for the care of the park, a plaque will be placed near an existing tree or bench in one of the parks, or a tree label affixed as part of identifying a tree in the Public Garden, for a term of 15 years. Donors will have the opportunity to renew the sponsorship when the term ends. Depending upon Bench in the Public Gardenavailability there may be the option to plant a new tree in one of the parks.

Contributions required to sponsor a tree or bench range from $5,000-$20,000. You may choose a short message on the plaque to celebrate a special occasion or to remember or honor someone.  For more information contact: Mary Halpin at (617) 723-8144 or