The Arlington Street Entrance and Fountains Restoration Project

$2,750,000 Goal

The Arlington Street Entrance of the Public Garden is the City’s iconic gateway to our Nation’s first public botanical garden. The distinctive George Washington statue overlooks this picturesque green space and welcomes millions annually.

Key Objectives:

• Make the fountains flow once again
• Revitalize the entrance landscape
• Increase safety and water conservation with a more shallow basin and new water circulation systems
• Add to the visitor experience and improve access by adding 8 new benches and leveling the plaza around each fountain
• Ensure sustainability by creating a $1,000,000 endowment

Both created by female sculptors, the “Boy and Bird” fountain (Bashka Paeff, 1934) and the “Small Child” fountain (Mary E. Moore, 1929), have not been operational in decades. The restoration of these fountains and the surrounding green space will have a lasting impact on the park and the visitor experience.

Your donation today supports the restoration of the Arlington Street entrance and child fountains and creates an endowment for ongoing care and renewal.