The Arlington Street Entrance and Fountains Restoration Project

The Arlington Street Entrance is the major ceremonial entrance into the nation’s first public botanical garden, one of Boston’s most beloved and popular destinations. The overgrown entrance landscape, uneven paved areas, and non-functioning fountains are a disappointment to some and a frustration to many.

Key goals:

• Revitalize the entrance landscape with a beautiful design
• Return the two fountains to their historical visual prominence by raising the granite edging and making the surrounding grade more level.
• Update the fountain systems to meet current environmental codes. Today, fountains need to be recirculating and kept out of the city’s stormwater system.
• Enhance the visitor experience by adding six new benches, near the fountains.
• Increase visitor safety by making the basins shallower

Project Cost and Sustainability

It is estimated that the construction cost for the restoration of the entrance and two fountains will be $1.5 million. To ensure the future maintenance of the fountains, $1 million will be raised for a fountain endowment.