The Arlington Street Entrance and Fountains Restoration Project


The Arlington Street Entrance of the Public Garden is the City’s iconic gateway to the Nation’s first public botanical garden. The prominent statue of George Washington overlooks this picturesque green space and welcomes millions annually.

Key Objectives:

• Restore and update the two fountains to enable recirculating water
• Redesign and revitalize the surrounding landscape
• Increase visitor safety by designing shallower fountain basins
• Improve visitor accessibility and experience by adding six new benches
• Update the fountain systems to encompass the latest technology and meet current electrical and environmental standards
• Ensure sustainability with a $1,000,000 endowment

The “Boy and Bird” fountain was created by Bashka Paeff in 1934 and the “Small Child” fountain was created by Mary E. Moore in 1929, both women sculptors. Due to water conservation concerns, specifically the issue of non-recirculating water, neither fountain has been operational for many decades. The restoration of these fountain and the surrounding green space will have a lasting impact on the park and the visitor experience.