Brewer Fountain Plaza Renovation

Three_Plaza_Photos_webRevitalizing historic Boston Common

Brewer Fountain Plaza on Boston Common surrounds a one-of-a-kind bronze casting of a sculpture created for the 1855 World’s Fair in Paris that was donated to Boston by Beacon Hill merchant Gardner Brewer. It was installed on the Common near Beacon Street in 1868 and moved to its current location near Tremont and Park Streets in 1917.

Over the years the fountain, the plaza and the adjoining parkland fell into disrepair. The Boston Parks & Recreation Department restored the fountain in 2010.

The Friends of the Public Garden launched a privately funded, $4 million companion project to revitalize the plaza and the parkland leading up to the State House.  Phase one of the project, the largest ever untaken by the Friends, was completed in 2012.

The work has transformed the busy southeast corner of the Common, creating a vibrant urban gathering spot with café tables and chairs, quality food, lunchtime piano music, chess and checkers, a reading area, and weekly summer jazz concerts. In addition, the adjacent Liberty Mall has been enhanced by planting new trees, restoring turf, repairing paths, and installing new curbing.

In 2014 We added greenspace and 11 more trees, reduced the scale of Lafayette Mall along Tremont Street, and restored the historic iron boundary fence just below the fountain plaza (ending at the Visitors Center) to reclaim this area as parkland separated from the busy street.

Thank you!

Common_Brewer_Fountain_Plaza15_web4The Friends would like to wholeheartedly thank all who contributed to this important and transformative restoration of our country’s first public park. Thanks to your support we have created one of the most popular outdoor gathering places in the city for both residents and visitors. For more information about the project at anytime, please contact us at (617) 723-8144 or